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Joachim Küpper (born 1952) is a professor of romance studies and comparative literature at the Freie Universität Berlin. Küpper has published on authors from various periods, including HomerDantePetrarchShakespeareFrancisco de QuevedoPedro Calderón de la BarcaLope de VegaAlessandro ManzoniBalzacFlaubertTheodor Fontane, and Alain Robbe-Grillet. In addition, he works on problems of literary theory and intellectual history. He is the author of eight monographs and approximately 100 articles, as well as the editor of numerous volumes and scholarly journals.


2019.              Appointment offered, HSE National Research University, Moscow (declined)

2011/12           Appointment offered, University of Cologne (declined)

2009 – 2016   Visiting Professor/Directeur de recherche invité. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris

2008 – 2010   Dean of the Humanities, Freie Universitaet Berlin

2003              Appointment offered, University of Bonn (declined)

2003 – 2010   Visiting Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

2001 – 2015    Editor in chief of Poetica

Since 2000    Full professorship with tenure, Romance Literatures and Comparative Literature, Freie Universitaet Berlin

1999              Appointment offered, University of Tuebingen (declined)

1997 – 2015    Co-editor of Romanistisches Jahrbuch

1994               Appointment offered, University of Duisburg (declined)

1993               Appointment offered, University of Potsdam (declined)

1990 – 1999    Full professorship with tenure, Romance Philology (French, Spanish and Italian literature), University of Wuppertal

1989               Admission to the Bavarian Fiebiger-Programme (Full professorship at the University of Regensburg); Appointment
                      offered, University of Wuppertal

1987 – 1989    Professorship without tenure, Romance Philology, University of Munich

1987               Habilitation: “Diskurs-Renovatio bei Lope de Vega und Calderón“

1980               Ph. D.; Dissertation: “Balzac und der Effet de réel“

Since 1977      Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Philology, University of Munich

1976               Staatsexamen French Studies (major); History (minor)

1970 – 1977    Studies of Romance Literatures and History (Universities of Bochum, Toulouse and Paris)

1958 – 1970    Elementary School, High School (Abitur)


Since 2018      Member (corr.), North-Rhine Westphalian Academy of Sciences

Since 2016      Foreign Honorary Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Since 2010      Member, German National Academy of Sciences / Leopoldina

2009               Advanced Grant, European Research Council

Since 2008     Member (corr.), Goettingen Academy

2001               Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award, DFG/German Research Foundation

1987               Heinz Maier Leibnitz Award, DFG/German Research Foundation

1980               Dissertation Award, University of Bochum; Strasbourg Award, Foundation FVS


2021 -  2023     Chair, central committee for awarding tenure, University of Hamburg
2012 – 2015     Member, standing committee for European Research policy, HRK/German rectors‘ conference

2010               Chair, committee for ‘Research Ratings in the Humanities’ (Wissenschaftsrat)

2007 – 2015    Member, committee on research (Academies’ program), Union of the German Academies of Sciences and Humanities

2006 – 2012    Member,  committee for research and the promotion of younger researchers, HRK/German rectors’ conference

2006 – 2012    Member, committee for the Heinz Maier Leibnitz Award, DFG


2012 – 2018    Director, International Network “Principles of Cultural Dynamics” (funded by DAAD)

2010 – 2016   Principle Investigator, ERC Advanced Grant Project: “Early Modern European Drama and the Cultural Net”

2007 – 2015   Member of the board, Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies (Excellence initiative, funded by DFG)

2007 – 2016   Director of the Dahlem Humanities Center (Excellence Initiative, third funding line (institutional strategy), funded by DFG;                        also funded by the (Federal) Ministry of Education and Research

2007 – 2012   Member, TOPOI (Cluster of Excellence, funded by DFG)

2003 – 2007  Member, Collaborative Research Center 626 (funded by DFG): ‘Aesthetic
                     Experience and the Dissolution of Artistic Limits’

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